Monday, 19 July 2010

BB Couture Kelly's Green

I am so sick of my nails at the moment.
My skin is peeling. The nails are either too long or too short. Yesterday's debacle with shimmery peach made me almost nauseous with disgust. Oh, dear. Do you often get days when you simply can't be on easy terms with yourself?

I needed something relatively low-key/muted/unobtrusive yet possessing some character. So I lit upon this. I do love it. I think I'm going to be drawn to taupe and grey and variants on sludge in the coming weeks. Expect mud, dust and leaf mulch.

3 coats + top coat.

As a bonus I add dogs.

Even they look fed up. It's rather warm and humid again today and it's in the nature of the spaniel to look sad in any case. They're trying to guilt me into entertaining/walking/feeding them.

Suddenly realised that the six-week holiday begins on Friday thus leaving me plenty of time to blog. Must think of something interesting. I have also been instructed/advised to sell a third of my stash as I'm always complaining about money. No bloomin' wonder. Multiply 300 by an average £3 (ahem) and you get (since September 2009) more than a few bags of chips. So I'll be ebaying a load of stuff in all likelihood.

What's on your nails today and how much pleasure is it giving you?
I'm giving Kelly's Green 7/10 but I'm in a distinctly critical mood today.



  1. I'm feeling rather fed up as well, and think it's to do with the weather :( Also feeling ill. Your dogs and lovely nail polish colour have cheered my spirits though!

  2. Thank goodness I am doing something right today!
    How're you doing, Rebecca? You seem to have gone awfully quiet.

  3. I'm so behind with blogging and reading but just wanted to say hi. My polish collection is now living in the house I'm not living in (yet) so my choices are somewhat limited. I'm wearing the taupe one from Sparkle & Fade, love it, haven't blogged it. You must be a teacher then? Wish I had 6 weeks holiday coming up....!

  4. awww at your dogs :) they are cute!!
    Love the green - so pretty and fresh!

  5. That green is rather fetching and quite unusual. I like! The dogs are looking fine, too.
    I'm sporting Turquoise by Barry M but stuck a basecoat underneath and buggered it up on the car seatbelt.
    Looking forward to lots more blogging activity come the summer hols, I'm not going anywhere and shall be expecting to be entertained.

  6. Yes, it is an unusual green. Kelly based it on the avocado as I remember.

  7. i know exactly what you mean. i hate those days.

    SIX WEEK HOLIDAY??? le sigh. i am lucky if i get four days off in a row...

  8. You're going to blog for us on your holiday? Thank you!

    Will you be having a blog sale as well as eBaying?

    On my nails today is a robin's egg blue that I'm undecided about.