Thursday, 31 May 2012

Blue Duck

Accent is Essence Choose Me! + Maybelline Bleu Canard (3 coats all round)
  • Bleu Canard - blue duck - must be French for 'teal'
  • The English name 'Turquoise Green' is unspeakably dull - why even bother?
  • Annoys the heck out of me that Essence isn't on sale in the UK - they sell it widely over the Channel and in the US (I think) - so why not here?
  • Moreover (can you hear my teeth gnashing?) they refuse to sell online because they reckon they're low-cost products and people therefore wouldn't want to pay postage!
  • Let ME decide how much I want to spend and what on, thank YOU very much


  1. Ooh this is soo pretty! I'm trying to go out of my comfort zone of pink cremes and pastels so something like this teal would be awesome. As you say, it's a shame that they wont ship to the UK x :-)

  2. What's worse is that it seems that there are no online chemists etc that ship Essence. It's like the company have ruled that no stockist can sell online.

    I did enquire whether they would sell at wholesale prices but they stated that they only sell to chain stores etc for selling within their whole chains.

    1. Good for you to consider setting up as an Essence local etailer. What's the matter with them? They could sell so much product in the UK!

  3. hahha your right about the name, it's kinda of like they were late to lunch so thought 'it will do'. I do love the colour x