Friday, 4 May 2012


CQ Slate
  • 'Slate' only on the basis that slate is actually a deep, dark teal colour. Which it isn't. Ho hum.
  • 50p from the Post Office because it had got leaked upon! Bargain box bliss...
  • 2 coats though one careful coat might suffice
  • I have 2 CQ polishes. They are bloomin' good quality.
  • A few shades are available from Cosmetics Fairy but it's a Walmart /RiteAid brand from the US and generally impossible to find here - shame
  • Absolute nightmare to photograph 
  • I don't have anything quite like this but I'm sure you peeps do
  • This works out much darker on the nail than in bottle - decidedly odd

It really isn't as dark as it seems - I am loving this - for a plain creme it's got quite a bit of complexity



  1. This is an odd brand for names--they have a teal-ish one called 'corduroy'. What?

  2. boo. I wanted to comment on your post 'does it annoy you' but it has disappeared xx