Saturday, 12 May 2012

Roses are red. No, they're not. Not always...or even usually....

Sun! Actual sunshine! Rolling Rose from Jessica's 'Heavy Petals' collection. And below in artificial light.

This is called 'The Wedgwood Rose' from David Austin in Shropshire - none of my favourite roses are red!
  • Kelly of Vampy Varnish says she got this shade perfect in 3 coats - I am not so accomplished in the art of painting as Kelly and even at 4 it's streaky
  • Love the colour
  • Don't think it suits me but I don't care - it's achingly pretty
  • Got a Barielle (Sailors Delight) that I might try as undercoat next time
  • From the current 'Heavy Petals' collection - love that name