Thursday, 10 May 2012

Aubergine - Royal William

Bad cuticles - sorry...One bit of mattification.

  • OPI William Tell (as yesterday) with 1 coat of Revlon Royal.
  • RR is the best blue ever. I trust we are united on that. #JUSTsaying Don't feel free to disagree!
  • This is now too blue to be actual aubergine but it's no longer wine/damson/plum. I'm happy.
So - do you know of a GENUINE aubergine?



  1. stop fretting about your cuticles. they are perfectly fine, lovely xx
    me xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  2. Thanks for entering my giveaway, sweetie! Unfortunately I can't count your FB and Twitter follows as extra entries unless you leave two separate comments... I'm not being mean, I just have to pick a winner from the comments numbered 1-50 (or however many entries there are) or it gets too complicated to work out! Just thought I'd let you know :))

    Love this colour btw, I'm a big Revlon fan, they last really well!

    Catherine x