Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Smoky Feather? *shakes head in bewilderment at daft name*

OK, mani 2 from my spa half-day.

Jessica Smoky Feather

This is the alleged Chanel Graphite dupe.  2 coats. The only Chanel I ever wanted was Jade but I'd never buy it. Silly money.

Daft name for a thoroughly glorious polish. I don't care about trends or following fashion but I do know a good polish when I see it. This is one that appears different in varying environmental conditions and is superb quality. Smoky Feather? Why? Sounds like a native American Indian but it's from the Peacock Queen collection. Er, that'd be a peaHEN btw. The peaCOCK is the fella. PeaHEN is the female!! Doh. And I do know OPI do way dafter polish names.

I shall be extending the wear of this by assiduously topcoating it daily. So that's 2 Jessica polishes on my hitlist. Good thing I've been paid. But then I want to buy daughter 2 some earrings. Grandson's 4th birthday is soon (but we have his present already). Wedding outfit for me. Mini-break? More spa-time? Better start saving!


The latest new thing? Do you
A want the latest polish to see what the deal is and hang the expense
B want the latest polish but in cheaper form to stay on-trend
C wait until the fuss dies down and then reassess once you've read plenty of reviews
D only get it if you really, really like it and even then resent the price
E never get seduced by hype
F franken it


  1. Oooh pretty! I would probably be a C or D kinda gal.

  2. This is quite lovely!

    And I'd have to say I'm kind of a bit of A-E.. It really just depends on the polish and if I feel I cannot live without right at this very moment!!

    I wish I was a tad more frugal though..

  3. I Like the colour a lot. I also usually never get seduced by hype.