Saturday, 19 May 2012

Have I been duped?

Mavala 154 Aquamarine - 3 coats - after 24 hours of wear
  • Not really serious about this...(as in - it hasn't ruined my life if this polish isn't an exact dupe)
  • Temptalia has a 'dupe list' and this Mavala is rated as a 100% dupe for Chanel Jade
  • Now I would never buy the aforementioned Chanel so I can't make a direct comparison so it's not for me to rate the rating!
  • But the Mavala is a very pretty colour
  • Of all the 'jades' I have it's by far the most flattering
  • It's exceptionally pretty and the usual fantastic Mavala quality
  • Do check out the dupe list though if you're brave enough (why does it require nerve and courage?) BECAUSE.....da da daaaaaaaah
  • One caveat about the dupe list - most of the dupes aren't available in the UK anyway so you just end up being even more frustrated because you've now doubled the number of polishes you'd really rather like but can't obtain
What do you most lust after polish-wise?


  1. Gorgeous! We have Mavala over here but sadly none of these interesting shades, only nudes, pinks and reds, bah :/

  2. delightful shade, it looks great for this time of year.

  3. superb colour and i have got such a soft spot for mavala polishes, so small, so cute and i feel less guilty when the bottle is small xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  4. Thanks for the positives! It really is a quality item.