Sunday, 27 May 2012


Photo 1 dipped fingertips in cool water
Photo 2 on a warm day
FX Fickles with CG White Cap
  • An obscure-ish brand Special FX Fickles (16 colour-changing polishes of which I have about 4)
  • This one doesn't change radically and especially not in the hot weather we're having at the moment which isn't lending itself to colour-change
  • When really warm it's similar to Pic 2 but more 'nude'/neutral - then graduating through peach until...
  • Pic 1 shows the blush pink that's visible under colder conditions
  • I prettified it with some White Cap as it was less than hugely exciting as a nude and a teensy weensy tad streaky at 2 coats (but not very) and am now reasonably pleased with it
  • All the Fickles are paler at warm temperatures and darken as it cools

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  1. ooh I like this with white cap. Good call!