Sunday, 15 July 2012

Possible wedding mani...

Photographed on location. In my basin. (!)

Gold and silver basically with the reverse pattern on the other hand
  • I'm probably wearing red and black or grey and black
  • I need a jumble of 'jewels' - not sure why
  • Maybe for something to fiddle with as I shall be agitated
  • Daughter 2 weds this Friday
  • She's dreading it and wobbling big-time (not because she doesn't want to be married but because she hates being in the spotlight)
  • I am SUPER-dreading it because I hate dressing formally and there'll be my ex-husband et al plus I'm a miserable old git who hates weddings and parties
  • OR I might wear the dress below - wish it was happening on a beach somewhere and I could wear a vest and shorts!!!!!

Am I really the only woman in the world who thinks a big wedding is a waste of money?

I actually might wear this by Klass with a load of bling and high heels - I've worn it once and it's easy enough to throw on         


  1. Are you my mother? I'm getting married in October and she's more worried about dressing up than I am - I just want someone else to take the spotlight off me! Love the manicure and the dress and big weddings are a complete waste of money, ours is DIY'ed to the hilt and if anyone complains, let 'em. :)x

  2. This dress is gorgeous! LIke you, I was very nervous before my daughter's wedding last fall though the potential for drama was on the groom's side of the family. This color of nail is beautiful! Here's hoping the bride's nerves calm a bit.

  3. No, I agree that big weddings are a waste of money.

    Have you thought of some subtle holo to soothe your nerves on the big day? I find that when I am stressed out I just gaze into the fascinating and perfect world that is my manicure, especially if it is holo, glitter duochrome etc. This seriously calms me down!

    I got married in Vegas, no family. Best way to go! No drama! At least not on the day!

    Gorgeous dress by the way. I hope you enjoy pampering yourself a little! Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming wedding, best wishes for a lovely day.

    Just curious, will you be wearing a hat?

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  5. your nails are looking mighty sexy!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  6. Love the dress and no, you're not. I'm newly engaged and we're definitely not having big wedding - I'm shocked every time I hear the average wedding costs £20K...

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