Tuesday, 10 July 2012

They said I'm tight.

Oops. I'm a bit deaf. They actually said that I "like tights". And they weren't wrong.
1 floral pattern purple 2 fishnet (always good) 3 Union Jack in beige'n'brown 4 footless with frills 5 snakeskin-ish? 6 stars 7 patterned only the photo doesn't show it 8 a plummy version of 1
  • A cull from Sainsbury's and Boundary Mills. Actually there are stacks more!
  • Sainsbury's have these on sale right by the till where I simply cannot resist buying them.
  • I guess that's their point.
  • Well, they surely do know their victims customers if I'm anything to go by.
  • And as I seem to be popping into Sainsbury's on a near-daily basis this could prove expensive!
  • But they keep fishing more out from the warehouse. Drat.
Your favourite hosiery?

1 comment:

  1. My favourite tights are some rose patterned ones from primark, I had a black pair and wore them to death, and they've went missing.

    I picked up a bargain purple version a few weeks back for £1.