Monday, 25 June 2012

If you should see a crocodile... Or maybe stand still? No, run. I think that's probably correct.
Barry M Croc Effect + Cult Nails In A Trance
  • Don't know why this BM doesn't get more love - it's so easy and so glossy
  • LCN do croc polishes in brown and red btw but they are much more expensive
  • Shatters? Nah. But this I really LOVE.
  • The Cult polish is impeccably behaved as Cults almost always are - 2 or 3 coats - I've seen swatches where this reveals lots of varied, colourful shimmer but perhaps we need Californian sunshine for that - it's a long way from home, after all....


  1. I completely agree, I think unfortunately Croc came out at the tail end of the crackle trend and everyone was too bored with it to look twice, but it really is quite something! I absolutely love it myself :D I love this weird combo, looks super! xxx

  2. Oooh that looks splendiferous with that colour

  3. Barry M croc is a fave of mine too. Reliable and lovely!

  4. I can't get the croc to work for me *pouts*