Monday, 4 June 2012

Maybelline Turquoise Green (aka Bleu Canard) and The Edge Prague
  • I wanted something laid back and colourless BUT a friend had given me the Maybelline and I thought I should try it in order to be able to thank her so this is my compromise and a dreadful mistake it is too (conceptually, dontcha know)
  • Prague is insanely creamy - there's a layer of Seche on top but it's mental-glossy even without it! Sort of chocolatey and caramelly and yummy yummy
  • Good coverage of both polishes in 2 coats
  • Didn't realise I had a 'ding' on the index finger until I enlarged the photo - rats

1 comment:

  1. Prague is nice, but Bleu Canard is luuurrrvly x