Friday, 8 June 2012

Pretty but....

...not even remotely perfect.

M&S mini nail colour collection
  • £3.50 for the pack of 4 (see pic below) as it was an outlet shop
  • 3 coats each
  • Gave up with the yellow after 3
  • It's a very pretty yellow but I'm not doing 4 coats - more Lindsay Lohan than Liz Taylor in the scheme of things - just not worth it
  • The rankings are:
  1. the wishy-washy pearly blue which is quite unusual
  2. the soft orange
  3. the soft yellow (nice shade) TIES with the lavender (fair application but who hasn't got a squillion of these already?)
  • Not a massive success
  • Not a massive anything - nowhere on the packaging or bottles can I find the ml referred to - teensy weensy!

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