Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I feel so old. Do you? (Glitter Gal news...)

New packaging for GG
Just so we're clear - I LOVE GG nail polish. Got that? OK.

  • They leaked the new packaging on facebook.
  • There were many appreciative - nay, glowing - comments.
  • I fear I may have spoiled the party atmosphere however.
  • They asked for opinions so I gave mine.
  • Which was that I think it rather 70s, tacky (didn't use that precise word) and somewhat downmarket for what is (at least in the UK) not a cheap brand and also perhaps unappealing to consumers beyond their teens and twenties.
  • I didn't go back to see if I'd raised a firestorm because I'd said my bit and I was being honest rather than aiming to stimulate controversy (aka troll). Honestly, it looks really dated and trashy to me. I love their polish and wouldn't cease to buy it on account of the box but.....
BUT what are your thoughts on the packaging? AND could it be that this image appeals more to younger than more mature women? Have GG got their marketing right?

In short - do you like it and how old are you? I will attempt to devise a sociological hypothesis based on any comments I get - even if there are NO comments, ha!

In less than short - how would you describe the box and what demographic do you think it is aimed at?



  1. I think it looks tacky as hell, and I'm a tender 20 years old.

    It looks cheap and nasty, not at all reflective of the quality (and expensive) product inside!

  2. Quite sure I've seen packaging just like that, covered in dust at the back of a shelf in a chemist at Brent Cross in 1983.

    My tweenage niece would probably go mental for it.

  3. I agree with you completely. I like glittery and shiny things, but certainly would not buy the products inside if I didn't know how awesome their products are. They should do something more classy and upscale, given how much their products cost. Perhaps they are trying to attract the younger market of women with more disposable income? Not many non-polish addicts are familiar with them.

  4. for me it's early 80's and really trashy.
    But maybe it's the new trend going on?
    There are a lot of neons popping up so why not a trashy covering ;-)
    I agree too, i'm 28 and i think it looks cheap.
    But younger girls probably love it...

  5. OK I'm only 24 but I hate it so I'm not sure it has anything to do with age, just taste. It lookes cheap and reminds me of an Impulse ad for some reason. When the polish is so gorgeous I don't know why you;d want to cover it with a completely opaque box that doesn't really have anything to do with nails.

  6. Hmmm I don't care for it either, they needed your feedback in a big way. Trashy comes to mind to be honest. It doesn't appeal to me based on the colors and the image.