Tuesday, 12 June 2012

From Darwin to Diaz

Sundry bracelets
  • Button - freebie with nail polish
  • Lacy one - from lisaangel - dog and bowl - bowl has a bone in it and says DOG (great details!)
  • Big resin bangle from Traidcraft
After my previous outpouring of angst (and thanks for comments) another 'issue' post. OCD.

Allegedly Darwin and Diaz are both sufferers of it. I say 'sufferer' advisedly. When you know damned well you don't really need to wash your hands for the 27th time since breakfast but you just have to or else....or else.......Clearly something terrible will happen. Probably being overtaken by a swarm of giant microbes (contradiction in terms?) that will seal the external orifices whilst turning one green and purple and making one howl like a banshee...

So bracelets with cord/fabric/lace aren't very practical. Oddly enough they seem to get grubbier the more I wash my hands. They certainly don't like getting damp. They're not my faves though so I won't wear them much. Problem solved. The two fiddly/dainty ones have lobster-claw catches which are decidedly hard to handle. The bangle I just popped on momentarily but it's going to be a gift so I promptly removed it.

Actually I exaggerate my OCD so rein in your sympathy. What d'you mean? "Grow up and get over yourself, you'll get no sympathy from me!" ;o) I couldn't blame you if you were thinking that. OCD for friends and family of the afflicted is quite a cross to bear. My poor long-suffering ex. I used to be far worse but I do remember how it feels to be compelled to behave in a way I knew was irrational. Unfortunately daughter 2 seems to have inherited the gene but I have faith she'll grow out of it as I have (more or less).


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