Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sparkly sparrows?

Are they not drab little birds? No.

And even if they were...

Let me tell you a true story.

Logged on to facebook just the other day. Found a random link/suggestion that sounded fun. "Sparkly sparrows." Looked. LIKED. Got a message almost at once that I was the 100th "liker" and would be sent a gift! Well, I was so thrilled I decided to buy an item as well as receive my gift. And very shortly afterwards I got my items! Sweet! I bought the earrings and the necklace was my gift. Now that's what I call good customer service. AND I went to a meeting today where it was admired!

Sits snugly against the neck which is excellent as the sparrow doesn't twist round but stays perfectly in position

House sparrows used to be very common. There's a children's hymn some of you may know: "There are hundreds and thousands, millions of sparrows...." I think they still are numerous in cities but I see very few where I live, right on the fringe between town and country. We do have many sparrowhawks here but they can't be solely responsible for the decline. Here endeth the ornithological lesson for today.

Breaking News! Sparrows on the verge of extinction in LONDON (of all places!) Saw this in the paper today. Shocked.



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