Thursday, 2 August 2012

Brooch: the subject....

(Ya see what I did there?)

An angelic cow with a halo and a harp! I think it's a harp. Who cares? It's cute!

My ebay brooches
  • For someone who doesn't wear brooches I just bought a lot of brooches
  • All pre-loved
  • The angel is for my mother - I always buy her angel-related stuff these days
  • Felt I needed a brooch or brooches to jazz up my wedding outfit (which was pretty low-key) hence the bunch of brooches
  • Did you know that 'angel' means messenger in the original Greek?
  • The cow and the 'dog' were 99p bargains
  • The others were a lot (a technical auction lot kind of lot) of bits'n'bobs
Are you a brooch-person?

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