Wednesday, 1 August 2012

This is me...

  • Except I'm not quite so good-looking obviously but...
  • I am British like the fella above (tick)
  • I am also hugely indifferent to the bleepin' Olympics (tick)
Put it like this - a coupla chicks who like little boats did fast boating and a bloke who likes bikes is going to ride very fast round London or somewhere and may ride a bit faster than some other geezers. In addition some women who balance on things and jumping about a bit did balancing and jumping about. WHY am I not ecstatic about this unlike (allegedly) the rest of the 59, 999, 999 citizens of these isles? WHY?

It must be wonderful to be so outstandingly good at something even if it isn't especially useful or creative but . . .well done to them for training really hard and all that but . . . has it not all got a bit out of hand? What with the cheating (badminton), the weeping (fencing), the taunting (twitter), the ludicrous amounts of money wasted spent on the whole enterprise?

The Olympics leave me cold these days. I can rouse the odd spark of enthusiasm and interest (though it hasn't happened yet) for some events - usually if an underdog excels (SO British) - but it really leaves me distinctly underwhelmed.

What about YOU?



  1. HA- This is so funny! I am sure you have a better smile,are much prettier and more photogenic than Churchill up there!

    I am also surprisingly indifferent to the olympics this year. Though some of the events with the men, in the tight shorts etc, um erm yes, sometimes I do rather enjoy the olympics. ; )

    I am not watching though, but I do see occasional headlines and medal counts in the papers.

    I would venture that you are not the only one of your countrymen and women who are not thrilled with the olympics. I do hope things go well for all concerned!

  2. I read about the Olympics mainly on the news paper :)