Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dirty French my way...

Jessica Skin Deep + Cult Living Water + some mattificaciousness
  • Read a post entitled 'Dirty French'
  • Had nude nails so thought I'd muck them up a bit
  • Dare I say it looks better IRL?
  • Apologies for cuticles - don't think I've bothered with them over the hols
  • The diagonal is quite deliberate btw
I am on 6 week holiday now. Another 4 left. How much do you have in the way of hols? Would you like 6 weeks or would you get bored?




  1. I like it! I think black tips are seriously cool. Much more interesting that white ones.

    I would LOVE six weeks holiday.. only thing I miss about being in education! Although, I probably would get bored after a while.

  2. I really like how it looks.