Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Blog sale

CG (all standard sizes are £2) + an Illamasqua
Cowardly Lyin, Soft Sienna Silks, 1st Mate, Classic Camel, Pelican Grey, Mistletoe Kisses, Illamasqua Bacterium £3, mini CGs all £1.50 - CG in the City, Urban Night, Midtown Magic, Ahoy, Skyscraper, 1st Mate, Life Preserver

Nails Inc all £2
Chester Terrace, Hays Mews, Augustus St, Barnsbury Rd, Kingly St, Drury Lane, The Hurlingham, Battersea Power Station, Captivating Selfridges

Models Own all £1.50
Sterling Silver, Blue Moon, Lemon Meringue New, Champagne New, Green Flash, Lili's Pink, Baby Blues New, Champagne

OPI all £2.50
William Tell, Not Really Waitress New, Going Ape-ricot, Rising Star, Rally Pretty Pink, Tapas This, Red Shatter, Overexposed South Beach, Samoan Sand

OPI MPJ (£4) and Too Hot To Hold 'Em Pink £2.50 + 4 OPI minis (green, 2 white, black) for £3 Nails Inc minis ( red creme and gold) for £2, Orly Purple Pleather £2, Jessica Victorian Crush £2

Urban Decay (all £1.50) Brick House, Twisted, green silvery foil, LD Petites minis set of 4 £5, Max Factor Fantasy Fire - 2 of them left at £1.50 each

OK, I just ran out of patience and time. Here's a list of the rest. Some of them are new but I've priced them all as used. That means only ever swatched once. So essentially they are new except where indicated. I'm sure I have featured many on my own blog but you could maybe google anything you are curious about?

Price bands
A £2 B£1.50 C£1
  1. Essie  Minty Candy Apple A
  2. Essie Lily Pond A
  3. Essie Ruby Slippers 80% full C
  4. Essie mini Bossa Nova C
  5. Essie Braziliant A
  6. Color Club Slow Jam A
  7. Color Club Groove Thang A
  8. Color Club Electronica A
  9. Color Club 4 minis - black white green red (from a Christmas set) £4
  10. Misa Disco Queen A
  11. Misa High Waist Hue B
  12. Misa Ghetto Fabulous B
  13. Illamasqua (unnamed red) jelly/creme C
  14. Nubar Blue Hydrangea A
  15. Nubar Vaso A
  16. Nubar Tan Me 80% C
  17. Nubar Hot Yellow A
  18. Nubar Petunia Sparkle 90% B
  19. Nubar Verde A
  20. Nubar Wildlife A
  21. BB Couture Love Drunk A (If you don't have BB Couture then you SHOULD)
  22. BB Ravager A
  23. BB Eve A
  24. BB Spellbound A
  25. BB Joker
  26. BB Kelly's Green A
  27. BB Impact Driver A
  28. BB Studio 54 A
  29. BB Tuxedo Night A
  30. BB Santa's Sak A
  31. BB Bullfighter A
  32. Cult Nails Let Me Fly A
  33. Cult Swanbourne A
  34. Cult In A Trance A
  35. Cult Living Water A
  36. GOSH Holographic (original and new) £4
  37. GOSH Silver Star B
  38. GOSH Rainbow A (flakies)
  39. Sally Hansen Spectrum B
  40. Sally Hansen DVD B
  41. Sally Hansen Mudslide B
  42. Sally Hansen 2 nail art pens red and silver £3
  43. Nars Bohemia £5
  44. Claire's Dream Catcher A
  45. Hard Candy Hick A (these are fairly HTF)
  46. Hard Candy Erogenous A
  47. Hard Candy Cosmic A (has the plastic ring with it)
  48. Leighton Denny Diamond Ivory £3
  49. LD Diamond Rose £3
  50. LD 4 minis Natural White, Steel Appeal, Provocactive and Miss Behavin' (red white blue black) £5
  51. 3 Kiss nail art paint stripers black white silver for £3
  52. Nox Twilight Citrus A
  53. Nox Wine & Dine A
  54. Nox Talon A
  55. Revlon Street Wear Burnt B
  56. Butter London Rosie Lee £2.50
  57. Finger Paints I've Been Framed A
  58. Diamond Cosmetics Blue Diamonds B
  59. DC Diamond's Diamonds B
  60. DC Amethyst & Diamonds B
  61. DC Pink Flaminglo C
  62. L'Oreal Coral Starfish B
  63. L'Oreal Yellow Seahorse B
  64. Barielle Swizzle Stix A
  65. Barielle Jess' Champagne Toast A
  66. OK, these (from 66 to 78) are all Barielles - Gelt Me To The Party A
  67. Cashmere Or Loose Me A
  68. Aura Angora A
  69. Slate Of Affairs A
  70. Beaches & Dreams A
  71. Sailors Delight A
  72. Lemondrops A
  73. Blossom A
  74. Falling Star £3
  75. Expressive A
  76. Belly Dance A
  77. Polished Princess A
  78. Make It A Latte A
  79. Ciate My Fair Lady C
  80. Pop Beauty Nail Glam Violetta B
  81. Pop Beauty NG Eleven C
  82. Pop Beauty NG Twenty Seven C
  83. Pop Beauty NG Sparkly B
  84. Pop Beauty NG fine red glitter C
  85. Barry M Dusky Mauve x 2 A
  86. Barry M Mint Green A
  87. Barry M Green Glitter C
T & Cs
  • Paypal only (prefer to be paid as 'friend' to avoid fees but I can't force you!)
  • Will post anywhere in the world but check with me for postage costs first if you're out of the UK and I'll personalise a quote for you
  • I'll post no later than 2 days after being paid
  • I'll get proof of posting ( bog-standard 2nd class) OR you can request 'signed for' if you email me
  • Any questions now or ever email me on
  • P&P in the UK is £1.50 for 1 item - sorry it's so expensive but blame the Royal Mail - but add 35p for each additional item
  • They'll be in proper padded bags 
  • State what you want in the comments box. First come, first served. My paypal is linked to the email address above. If you're UK and you are happy with standard postage then just pay and I'll send out to you. If your paypal ID is wildly different from your blogging ID please let me know so I can match you up.
  • Hope I've covered everything!


  1. Hi, how much for these, I'm in the uk, thankyou

    butter london rosie lee
    gosh holographic original
    Illamasqua (unnamed red) jelly/creme
    Essie Ruby Slippers 80%
    Lemon Meringue

  2. Hi, I would be interested in Nubar Wildlife, Gosh Holographic and Clare's Dreamcatcher, I'm based in Switzerland.thanks!

  3. Pretty! I hope your sale goes well!

    I am sorry if this shows up twice, I am having issues with commenting for some reason.

    1. Sorry about commenting problems. Thanks for your good wishes btw!

  4. Butter London Rosie Lee, Models Own Lemon Meringue and China Glaze Midtown Magic please! My email is sorry im confused with how you want to do it with paypal?!

  5. Illamasqua Bacterium £3
    All 9 Nails Inc.
    All 8 Models Own
    Orly Purple Pleather £2
    2 Max Factor Fantasy Fire
    Essie Ruby Slippers 80% full C
    GOSH Holographic (original and new) £4
    Barry M Dusky Mauve x 2 A
    Barry M Mint Green A
    Barry M Green Glitter C
    Ciate My Fair Lady C
    Butter London Rosie Lee
    Cult Swanbourne A
    Cult In A Trance A
    Cult Living Water A
    Nars Bohemia £5

    Hopefully we can work out a deal! I'm from Toronto, Canada :)
    Melaniesli at hotmail dot com

  6. Helloo!
    If they are still going please may I have:
    OPI My Private Jet - £4
    Nubar Blue Hydrangea - £2
    Nubar Petunia Sparkle 90% - £1.50
    Nox Twilight Citrus - £2
    Barielle Blossom- £2
    My paypal is:
    I live in the UK so standard shipping is fine with me! :) xx

  7. Helloo!
    If they are still going please may I have:
    OPI My Private Jet - £4
    Nubar Blue Hydrangea - £2
    Nubar Petunia Sparkle 90% - £1.50
    Nox Twilight Citrus - £2
    Barielle Blossom- £2
    My paypal is:
    I live in the UK so standard shipping is fine with me! :) xx

  8. If they're still available could I please have:
    CG Mistletoe kisses, Midtown Magic and Skyscraper
    Cult Nails Let Me Fly, Swanbourne and In A Trance
    Barielle Falling Star, Barielle Jess' Champagne
    I'm in the UK and my email is :)

  9. Heya,

    Could I get:

    China Glaze First Mate (mini) £1.50
    China Glaze Urban Night (mini) £1.50
    China Glaze Life Preserver (mini) £1.50

    email is xx

  10. hello :) I'd love essie apple £2 and lily pond £2 :) please

  11. Can you save OPI Going Ape-ricot and CG Ahoy (mini) for me? I will get back to you after work with any others I'd like but I don't want them to go in the meantime lol x

    1. Thanks lovely I'll get back to you this evening x

    2. Can you reserve me GOSH Rainbow too please? I'm trying to decide whether I want Rally Pretty Pink but I have already broken my ban on OPI with the Ape-ricot one >.< it's not supporting animal testing if the money goes to you right? That's how I'm trying to justify it. Stupid Coty buying OPI. Stupid weakness for orange polishes. Give me a few mins to sort out my dilemma lol x

    3. Rainbow is yours. I know what you mean about the moral dilemma. I don't think buying 'used' fuels demands for items. Personally I have no issues when things are used but I respect whatever you decide.

    4. If it's ok I'll sleep on it and get back to you tomorrow, sorry to be a pain. I'll definitely take the others though, it just makes sense if I'm getting more to pay for them all together etc.. I'm rubbish with decisions haha x

  12. Hi Jenni,
    Can I have the following if they're still available please?
    China Glaze Midtown Magic (mini) £1.50
    China Glaze First Mate (full size) £2
    OPI William Tell £2.50
    OPI Rally Pretty Pink £2.50
    BB Couture Impact Driver £2

    Many thanks,

  13. Hi Jenni, I'm really REALLY after Hard Candy - Hick and one of the Max Factor Fantasy Fires. I'm in Ireland, could you e-mail me a quote please? - thanks!

  14. Hello, I stumbled upon your blog searching for uk polish blogs and 1. love it but 2. are you still selling these in particular -

    OPI - Overexposed and Samoan Sand

    Misa - High Waist Hue

    BB Couture - Ravager, Eve, Joker and Santa's Sak

    Hard Candy - Cosmic

    Barielle - Slate of Affairs, Aura Angora and Belly Dance?

    If you are, please email me/invoice me on paypal at missivonmcgowan(@)