Saturday, 4 August 2012

Grenadine Tonic - queen of cocktails

Bourjois 1 seconde gloss Gel + OPI Red Shatter
  • Fair to say I didn't cover the tips properly
  • Day I got back from Hrvatska (Croatia) and had to replace old mani
  • Yes, it's a jelly and the jelly-haters outnumber the jelly-lovers (I think)
  • It's neither orange nor red and I can't say I like it - it'll be a quid in the forthcoming blogsale
  • But I DO like cocktails - why have I never drunk cocktails before!!!!
  • Really developed a pash for them this hols - especially those with grenadine/apricot/blackcurrant
  • The barman in our fave Croatian bar was coked up to the max, I swear - maybe that's what made the cocktails so good......
  • Can't remember the cocktail names - it was allegedly a Cuban-style bar so all the names were themed
  • But I can remember liking the results
1 To cocktail or not to cocktail?
2 What to try and what to avoid?


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  1. I love jellies! I also love cocktails. Super Splits - mother of god. I don't know if you can get Super Split ice-creams? Vanilla ice-cream with orange stuff around it? Captain Morgans and Fizzy Orange. So easy to drink (too easy!)