Monday, 6 August 2012

I like blue hydrangeas the best!

Blue Hydrangea
  • I'd wanted this for a long time
  • The shimmer doesn't come across though so I added Flormar 001 to enhance it
  • It was a streaky nightmare and that's another reason for the Flormar
  • But it's a pretty polish and not too lobster-claw-inducing
What pastel blues are easy to apply w/out streaks? D'you know of any?


  1. Hi Jenni! Hey, there you are! Great post.

    Nice picture, that is new right?

    I like blue hydrangeas too, this one is especially pretty on you! I thought this was color club hydrangea kiss, which is pretty. I heard that one was streaky too.

    There is a polish by Sinful Colors in the US called Morning Star which is a lovely light blue with silver shimmer. I didn't have issues with the streaky on that one and I really loved wearing it.

    Light blue is tricky. Have you tried Hard Candy Sky? That one is so pretty. I picked up another light blue creme yesterday by color club, but put it back down. I just don't like creme finishes the best!

    Another reason I loved this post, I am totally obsessed with hydrangeas this year! My new house has two huge ones, one is ten feet across and six feet high. They are pink, but I am going to turn them blue next year to freak out the neighbors (!) and because I like blue hydrangeas best!

    Lately your blog is one I am really enjoying! Great job Jen!

  2. very pretty shade reminds me of revlon blue lagoon even though blue lagoon is a creme shade :)

  3. soooooooo pretty so delicate. i wouldn't usually go for blue polishes with a shimmer but this is gorgeous. you go nubar
    liloo/@tsunimee xx