Friday, 18 March 2011

Barry M 01 Scarlet Red Lip Lacquer Crayon

In a rush when I applied it (hence the patchiness at the centre) so..
  • Barry M therefore not expensive
  • Flows on easily
  • Thick 'point' and not scratchy
  • Feels soft but not too squidgy (ever so slightly squidgy but I'm highly squidgy-averse)
  • Bags of pigmentation
  • Easily available even in the retail black hole that is my town
  • I like the colour, I REALLY like the colour
  • There are only 5 from which to choose - bummer - and no plummy or purple ones - double bummer

What's with that pathetic "Ballet Pink" one, huh? Too girlie. 01 is on the right. I have seen swatches of 02 Cherry Red and that's a stunner also.

I fancy the middle one too - Mandarin. 

Give me a good reason NOT to buy at least one of these. Go on, I dare you. A couple of bloggers say these lip lacquers are too glittery for their taste and there is a slightly sparkly quality to this one but I am definitely not put off.



  1. Lovely! I'm definately gonna try one of those (except for that hideous pale thing, yuk) xxx

  2. Yuck at the pale ick. Barry M seem to love that kind of colour, they have like ten different lip products in that shade -.-

    I like lip colours on me matte, but this suits you.

  3. I have all but Ballet Pink. Not only is it a wussy pink but it's a lot sheerer than the others too. I adore these, the glitter is so nice, it reminds me of flaky polishes!

  4. Really pretty red, it looks great! :)
    I have the party pink crayon. It's really nice and much shinier than I thought a lip crayon would be.

  5. These remind me of the new-ish Milani lip pencils!

  6. These are so good. Glad the feedback is all positive. We need all the good beauty products we can get.