Saturday, 12 March 2011

Coral ombre - or whatever it's called...

I felt like a bit of coral but it's fairly boring so I did 5.
They are:

Missguided Misschievous *
Nails Inc Drury Lane *
Rimmel Apricot Punch
Jessica My Cabana Boy
Rimmel Sunrise
* first time I've used them

3 coats of each to greater or lesser effect...

  • The Missguided is a tad red in some lights - certainly the best coverage/quality except maybe Sunrise which is a bit frosty/shimmery so not exactly comparable
  • The cremes I'd used before had gone gloopy - boo - I don't like gloopy
  • They all look closer on the nail than in the bottle - weird - so it didn't turn out as expected
  • The Jessica turned out neon and matte (not as I had remembered it)

I had to slather serum (hair serum) over my hands to make any photo even remotely acceptable. First off I used the 'vignette' function in iPhoto to try to capture the colours whilst simultaneously disguising my sloughing-snakesin mitts. Yuk. I quite like the vignette feature. Can cover a multitude of sins. In dire need of Photoshop.

Doesn't coral come in lots of colours? So why do we call this soft-orange 'coral'? Anybody know anything about coral? The more you say it the odder it sounds as a word, I find.



  1. I love how corals look on others, but they look terrible on me :L

  2. I like these coral polishes, very pretty! :) I wore apricot punch a lot last summer, but it's gone all gloppy now, so annoying when that happens!

  3. i love corals, i prefer mine a wee bit more pink though...ive got the lemon drop from the rimmel fruity collection and now i think ill get the apricot too! im jealous of the amount of corals you own :D
    love from a new blogger/follwer also from the uk! woop woop!
    Emily x

  4. Not sure if coral suits me but that never troubles me...
    Hello, LEmily!