Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Rimmel Play Fast Camouflage + Hello again...

Been moving my mother down from Shropshire to live in a new home two miles down the road from me. Busy.Wore a mani for a straight week. Priorities.

  • Focus is rubbish.
  • State of nails and skin likewise rubbish.
  • Polish is fantastic! 2 coats and one would probably do it.
Why, oh why, do companies discontinue some of their best-quality formulae and shades? Barking. Not as if Rimmel is a high-fashion label that has to be avant-garde...

On that topic I notice a couple of highly-desirable new collections out. Illamasqua Toxic Nature. I don't have enough reserves of hyperbole for that one. And BB Couture Touch of Greece (damn silly name but stunning colours).

And in closing:

A photograph of my grandson and my dog. I rather like the pouty pose. He was eating one of his beloved apples. Dog is naturally intent on fate of apple. He would gladly eat the scraps from his master's table/hand.

Personal photos on a nail blog?
  • Too much information. Yawn.
  • OK in moderation.
  • Nice to have a bit of personal background.
  • Other


  1. I'm gad you're back, I was concerned.
    Hope your mum's setlling in well. I love to see personal pictures and know the woman behind the blog. Your Grandson and dog are both handsome chaps. xxx

  2. Welcome back! I missed your posts :)
    I hope your mum is settling in well. Such a lovely picture of your Grandson and your dog. I like to see personal photos, the same as I prefer blogs to have some of the writers personality in them. I always enjoy your posts :)

  3. Welcome back, belatedly! (I've been traveling and trying to keep my head above water at work between trips but now am staying put for a while so have a hope of being able to catch up on non-work.)

    I appreciate personal photos on a nail blog--we are more than our hands, after all. :)