Friday, 11 March 2011

Sort-of lacy effect...Barry M Nail Effects

Used tip guides and Barry M Nail Effects to spruce up the Rimmel Play Fast Camouflage and got this.
Just wait until I get hold of the new Models Own crackle polishes! Cue a gleeful rubbing of hands. All this from a woman who kinda resolved not to blog and sorta resolved not to buy any nail polish because it was taking time away from the nearest and dearest. I just can't help myself.

Keeping it short and sweet.


If you blog, how much of a compulsion/therapy is it for you? Do you NEED it? Do you really NEEEEEEEEEEEEED it?


  1. I need to read people's blogs. I guess I'm just super nosy! I only post once or twice a week.

    I just bought some Barry M and layered it over an orange (Nails Inc 'beach'- free with InStyle a few months ago).

  2. Oh wow that is one gorgeous manicure! I am desperate for the Models Own crackles too, that yellow! Phwoar!

  3. The green and black look great together, I really like it!
    I admit I did get a little excited about the Models Own crackle polishes, they are such pretty colours to, it's going to be hard to choose! :)
    I only post twice a week if I can. I do post more throughout the summer because there is better light and I have more free time. It really helps with my writing skills so I am trying to keep it up even if I haven't got so much time at the moment. I had a super busy week and didn't read any blogs for awhile and I was in danger of saying 'oh just forget it', but I wanted to continue, just because everyone is so lovely :)

  4. Yes, it's good to be part of a ......thing/community/whatever.

    Models Own. Hurrah.