Sunday, 20 March 2011

China Glaze Life Preserver + matte tips

I am trying to keep away from the same old, same old US brands but I had a voucher and I picked up the set of minis from the Anchors Away collection. This is my favourite. Fabulous CG quality. Took 2 coats but you could maybe get away with one if you have good nails. Very impressed with the 17 matte coat. Makes a good contrast because LP is a decidedly glossy polish so this is a simple way to tart up a mani.

IRL the tips look much neater. But I always say that. And likewise my cuticles are much less scruffy. Still, in my head I'm 17 so what do I know....Perhaps I removed the tip guides too soon. The OH wanted to know why I had bits of paper stuck to my fingers so I had to show her. My explanation clearly wasn't enough. Proof was required.

I'm going to invest in some more Boots 17 because I think they may be good quality. Pity the bottles are so small. Why can't we have big Texas-type bottles over here - generous bottles. Why are our bottles the size of a piddling English village with no pub, school or Post Office?

Best bottle?
Or square ones like Misa and Color Club?
Models Own?

And advice needed on how long to leave tip guides or masking tape on the nail before removal, please.



  1. I think these look really good! Better than my attempt (not matte, though).

    I think the 17 range looks really cheap for the price. Brands like BeautyUK or MUA are similar or even cheaper but have better packaging. Well, maybe not MUA, but you do get more product.

  2. I would definitely recommend the 17 polishes. The 17 Lasting Fix polishes particularly are fab, they dry really fast and are generally very opaque. The 17 Fast Finish polishes tend to dry a bit too fast and leave a stain on the skin around your nails when you remove it but both have lovely pigmentation and the Fast Finishes are great for a quick mani but also for nail art. Agree that BeautyUK are also fab with their nail polishes! Hope this helps! xx

  3. Beautiful colour and it looks great with the matte finish! I like 17 polishes, but the bottle are tiny. My favourite is the Revlon bottles, they are quite big, have a sturdy base (good for clumsiness!) and have a long handle. But they don't fit in the draw where I keep all my polishes, so that's annoying.
    When I use nail guides I only leave mine on for a few seconds, just paint, put brush down and peel the tape off. Any longer and I take off some of the polish as it dries. :)

  4. love the contrast!

    i remove the nail guys IMMEDIATELY after applying the polish. carefully though, so it doesnt pool or splatter. i always stick the tape/guides to my skin first to remove some of the sticky.

  5. Thanks, people. So I have it on good authority now. Remove the guides at once. Will do!

    I love the Revlon bottles. I think they are very ergonomic.

  6. Agree about the Revlon bottles, they're sturdy. I think I like Zoya best for design/shape. Don't mind about bottle size too much, it's not like I'm gonna run out!

  7. I love a square bottle (like the old SH Salons) because they store so efficiently that I can fit more in a drawer.