Thursday, 24 March 2011

Barry M 03 Lip Lacquer Crayon

Perhaps I was a satsuma or a tangerine in a former life. Everything on my list these days cosmetics-wise is orange/coral.

This lip lacquer is a lot more sheer than the 01. A little disappointing. But I kept at it until I was reasonably satisfied. 01 had raised my hopes perhaps a little too high. This is still pretty though. I am so unused to seeing this kind of colour on my lips. Takes some getting used to. Need to get some OCC Lip Tars in orange or coral. Believe me, I'm looking! 'Grandma' is a good colour.

Reincarnation. I desperately hope there is no such thing. I fear death far more when I contemplate the prospect of returning - in whatever guise. Some lives are seemingly so intolerable and I have been so blessed in this life that I have a terror of being reincarnated as ...well, I have to be one the most privileged people on the planet so virtually any other life would represent a fall from grace. And if it's dependent on karma then I'm by no means sure I've been as well-behaved as I should have been to ensure progress in subsequent lives. Gloomy. Sorry.

Do you discount it completely? What are your views?


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  1. I'm mad for tangerines and corals once the sun comes out. That Bazza stuff looks good, I may ave to give it a try.
    Rencarnation, put like that it does sound scary but it works for the Hindus, most laid back and downright people ever. xxx