Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sally Hansen Super Frost Platinum + more lacy tips

Keep looking for a shimmery white that covers in fewer than half a dozen coats. This could be it. Platinum thingummy by SH.

Creme polishes are no ruddy use on my nails any more. Can someone PLEASE recommend a ridge-filler? I'm getting desperate now.

Now, I realise this would be better with a black base and white or silver tips and I will do that when Models Own bring out their range of crackle polishes. I wasn't going to post the MO promo pic because who needs it all over again for the umpteenth time? BUT I decided I would because I could then refer to the actual shades and say I shall definitely get the silver and white. I'm not a fan of coloured crackles though. Maybe the yellow may prove alluring but I shall wait for swatches. The OPI and China Glaze are too expensive over here so they can take a running jump.

To conclude:
  • Do you know of a heavy-duty ridge-filler?
  • Will you get any of the above?
  • Do you too find the Models Own caps wide and unwieldy and a s0d to work with?


  1. Wow beautiful mani! The crackle on just the tips looks beautiful. I want basically all the Models Own colours, I love coloured crackles. And I have no problem with their caps, but I have no problems with Illamasqua's either and lots of people hate them.

  2. I want them all except maybe the black one because I can dupe that with the Barry M, for less money.

    If they're £6 a pop, it's going to be pricey, but I feel it's worth it.

  3. Thanks, Lillian!
    Yeah, Lena. No point getting the MO in black. Wish BM would bring out other colour crackles...

  4. I love the base colour and the crackle just on the tips, it looks really pretty! :)
    I've noticed my nails have got all ridgy after having polish on my nails for nearly a whole year. Or I assume that is why anyway, they weren't like it before! I've been buffing mine which has helped, I don't know if that's bad for nails or not though :S
    I can't wait for the models own crackles, I do like them all, but I really want the silver and purple ones xx

  5. I don't use a ridge filler, but thicker base polishes like Gelous from Sally Beauty Supply and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hard as Wraps Gel settle nicely to create a smooth surface for polish.

  6. Try Essie ridge filler - Fill the Gap. I use this weekdays on it's own as it gives a smooth satin finish which dries in less than a minute! Helps my nails look presentable when in reality they are flaky and peeling!

  7. I'm waiting for the Models Own ones... the china glaze ones are too pricy!

    I use a regular base coat (Sally Hansen) but I find a good layer of Seche Vite top coat seems to make any ridges invisible when it does that 'bonding' thing.

  8. Thanks for the filler advice. I shall investigate all these forthwith!

    Doesn't buffing weaken the nail? That's what I always thought? Does anyone actually KNOW?

  9. 1. Buffing - I *lightly* buff mine to remove ridges and have done for 15+ years since I discovered buffers! My nails aren't hugely long but no buffing relating weakness here. Everyone says it weakens nails and I'm sure it would if you overdid it but it works for me.
    2. Hmmm, not sure about crackles...
    3. Nope, maybe cos I've had so much practise with the nails inc lids...

  10. Thanks, Cali. I do have a buffer. I'll give it a go.

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