Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Boots 17 Nail Xtras Crackle Top Coat

Sorry about the dry skin.
This is part of a 'challenge' I decided I was undertaking i.e. how many days can you go without removing your polish and starting again? Found this in Boots yesterday. £3.98. Put on a thick layer - too thick as I prefer more of the base polish to be visible but I know better for next time.

Day 1 CG Life Preserver
Day 2 mattify the tips
Day 3 add Nubar 2010
Day 4 add crackle top coat
Day 5 ? probably get rid...

I was very pleased with myself until I looked at the shots I took today.  Obviously blown up like this you can see that it's not so smart but normal-size it's perfectly acceptable. I don't always have the time or the inclination any longer to change my polish every day so I am doing this kind of thing more and more.

What do you think is the maximum time you can adapt a mani before having to ditch it?



  1. I make it last until it chips, I'm lazy like that!


  2. Depending on whether or not I mess it up during the adaptation days (adding art, tips etc.), I'll change it around 4 days later.

  3. I've had something like ten coats on my nails at times thanks to layering new looks over old. I'm not sure what comes after crackle, though--more crackle in a different color, maybe.

  4. I hate chips but I like novelty. Well, I like edible chips.....a lot.

    I have already mattified one nail but it doesn't show up much.

  5. That looks pretty, very similar to the Barry M. xxx

  6. Eh? When did Boots bring this out? O_o

    It looks really pretty but I'll pass, it's around the same price as the Barry M (and probably for less product)

  7. ?Boots is jumping on this ship too huh? Do they have a wide range of crackles or just this? :)

  8. i tried this crackle with a very thin coat and it cracked exactly the same as this - not an awfullot. i prefer more of the base to be visible too - barry M have got it right in that respect. interesting challenge though, changing it up, i like! x