Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Kinetics Coral Sea + Bourjois Rose Corset

The accent finger is Bourjois. See below.
Both polishes are superb. This is the only Kinetics I have and the ebay-tailer is no longer listing them so I am stuffed. 2 coats over my worst (RH) nails.Like the proverbial butter.

Got Coral Sea because I'd seen it elsewhere.

In a massively coral-loving mood at the moment. The Bourjois has been sitting in a basket for months now. I anticipated a streaky multi-coated mess as it's pale and pastel but it built up beautifully after 3 coats with no drama whatsoever.

Today I am happy with my nails. If you know anywhere in the UK that I can get Kinetics for less than £5.50 a pop then please share. It was worth every penny and I would pay more but any bargains are welcome...

I am crazy for coral/peach at present whereas normally they are shades that really don't appeal. Do you have any current fads or fancies?



  1. What a gorgeous colour! That looks very summery, like it. xxx

  2. That Kinetics is gorgeous!

  3. Thanks, people. Kinetics is recommended.

  4. Gorgeous colours! I loe the Kinetics, so pretty :)

  5. The Kinectics color is amazingly gorgeous!

  6. It is a great colour. So glad I spotted it on shortnchic.

  7. That Kinetics color and finish really suits you!