Sunday, 27 March 2011

Nails Inc Captivating Selfridges + W7 Earthquake White

We have here a crackle polish costing £3.98 including the ol' P&P. I think this makes a pretty mani. Delicate, feminine, pretty. SOOOOOOOO not adjectives that apply to me! for the W7. I have turned up my nose at W7 for many a long year but now I've tried 'em I LOVE them. W7 do a crackle black and a silver. The silver will be making a guest appearance here tomorrow. Why was I so snooty about W7? They are cheap and they look like they are ripping-off OPI. I have now decided that's a good thing. Teaches me not to be so narrow-minded.

This shows the Nails Inc. Must be an ancient limited edition polish as I've only seen it on one website. This is seriously sweet. 'Captivating Selfridges'. What's that all about? IS Selfridges particularly captivating? If I could be bothered to troll down to the smoke I wouldn't be making Selfridges a must-see. That I DO know. Really like this polish. Shows a little warm in the picture - I'd say it's paler IRL. Beautiful consistency. I thought it would be a streaky mess but went on with ease. 3 coats for full opacity but it was so good to work with.



  1. It looks so lovely on you! :) You can carry off so many shades. I is jealous (^^)

  2. Very pretty, I love the base colour. I must get me a white crackle, I wasn't sure about white at first, but it's very nice :) x

  3. Hi there
    Does anyone know where to buy 'nail polish sheets'? I once saw them in Selfridges - they're a new way of using nail polish - dry plastic sheets that you press onto your nails - so cool but Selfridges no longer have them. Has anyone seen them? know where to buy them?

  4. Sorry, anonymous. You don't mean foils? When was this? I can only think of water decal-type things.

    Thanks for comments, peeps.

  5. Hi peeps
    No, I don't mean a foil. They are actually sheets of dried nailpolish (but they just look like plastic) that can be cut to fit onto your nail and they last for 3 weeks. I think they are a really new concept. I tried a little sample a few months ago and loved it but didn't buy any as they were quite pricey. The cool thing is that you can get really metalic gold, silver, etc that looks as bright/shiney as a piece of jewellery.

  6. Ooooh nice - and that's a nails inc I don't have, curses!