Wednesday, 30 March 2011

W7 Cosmic Purple - a V mani

First time I've done this. I think it's uneven because the glitter is lumpy bumpy and allows leakage beneath the sticky tape. So next time I'll do it over a smooth polish. I think that should work. And I didn't realise I had slapped it so comprehensively over the cuticles but I was so exhilarated by the sheer blingitude of the whole shebang that I snapped it straight off and didn't think to check the photos too closely.

The silver is Diamond Cosmetics Silver Brocade which covers the glitter very effectively.

Oh, and the cheapo W7 polish was much admired by the Illamasqua girl in Birmingham Selfridges!

I know it's not a Mad Hatter dupe but it can still give OPI glitters a run for their money. For £3.98 or less it ain't so shabby.



  1. It's pretty awesome! You know my love for purple. xxx

  2. I think it looks great and the OPI glitters don't wow the pants off my anyway! haha.

  3. I really love that glitter! Really pretty! You will have to stop putting lovely polishes up on here, it's mean to tempt me! :P

  4. A world of glitter in a bottle.

  5. It's gorgeous!! I post my pics too when I thought I cleaned up well. It's macro which shows all the flaws. I love it just the same girl :)