Thursday, 24 February 2011

OCC Lip Tar Katricia

Or another one that makes me look dead according to She Who Knows.
Well, I like it. These Lip Tars use a mere droplet of product for maximum coverage. They last forever on the lip and make a great base for other stuff. Sadly the £8 was but a short-lived offer on Love Makeup - they're back to £8.99 now. Still worth it but I should really make some money by clearing out some items from my hoard before I make another purchase. Lots of people report these to be minty/tangy even to an unpleasant degree. This shade is one of the more minty but only marginally to my way of thinking.

 I am using 'hi-speed burst' on my camera the last couple of days which captures colour really well but loses a bit in the sharpness of focus sometimes. Swings and those round things that go round...

Nail polish tomorrow and then I may be taking a weekend break. I could cue some posts but sometimes they just bizarrely and unexpectedly post themselves immediately despite my having followed all the processes correctly. I blame blogger.

Have you ever had problems when you've scheduled a post but it's rebelled against you?



  1. The colour is beautiful but I must admit it does nothing for me if I wear that colour.
    Blooger's odd today in that I can't seem to comment on many blogs. xxx

  2. i have a vision of you in your nail polish laboratory in some cave in a castle. this is you right? make the lip points even more pointier.

  3. Pointy lip points pointing pointily. Indeed.

    Hey, I don't care if it suits me. I just like the colour.

  4. I love the way you apply your lip colour! I've started using a lip brush on your advice, it makes it look a lot neater :)
    I really like this colour. I ordered some Shiro Cosmetic lip colours awhile ago and one colour was close to Katricia, I wish I'd ordered it now!

  5. I have this colour and looove it. Purple lips are one of my favourite looks at the moment. It looks lovely on you!
    Everytime I've tried to schedule a post it just doesn't work :/