Wednesday, 2 February 2011


£2.50 (ebay) for 12 of the teeniest bottles I ever did see.

Imagine the production line! Extraordinary. These are glass bottles. I had to remove the stopper with my teeth! How do people place these things on the nail with such accuracy? Sheesh.

First attempt. Rubbish. Things can only get better.

Made me think about the origin of the word /rhinestone/. Unsurprisingly (wikipedia, you are my friend) the whole shebang started with rock crystal gathered from the Rhine. These days they may still be made of rock crystal or glass or acrylic.

My mother can now sit up, almost stand, talk sensibly, feed herself and may be transferred to the local community hospital and then home - maybe with some adaptations and help. Who would've thought?! Poor dear has shingles too although she says she's in no discomfort with it. Hurrah! All despite a rather large bleed into the brain. Tough nut. A lot to live up to!

Haven't been tracking my comments or checking out all the blogs I usually do so sorry about that....



  1. I'm pleased to hear about your Mum, Jenni. That's good news.
    Those bottles are so cute. xxx

  2. Those little bottles are super cute! BTW you need this, its amazing at placing rhinestone:

    Glad to hear your mother is a bit better :) xo

  3. Good news about your Mum, glad to hear it

  4. Wow, teeny tiny bottles, they are really sweet!
    Really glad your mum is improving. I hope she recovers soon :) x

  5. I am a sucker for small things. sellerlinksellerlinksellerlink plz. How much were they? I want your rhinestones now, they're so much more special than mine :(

    Use tweezers for the rhinestones. Curved ones. Or alternatively, try to be clever like me and use a cocktail stick and nail art glue and get the glue all over your hands. Height of intelligence, let me tell ya.

  6. Also, glad to hear about your mum! I hope she gets better soon :)

  7. Those tiny bottles are so cute! Very pretty colours too. Good luck using them! I'm so glad to hear about your Mum, hope she recovers fully soon :)