Friday, 4 February 2011

GOSH Holographic - the very devil itself...

Did this mani a few weeks ago. Pictures just languished on my desktop.

Had a bottle of the GOSH (lots of people rave about it), got rid as it was a 'mare to apply. Saw it the other week half-price at Superdrug (always want to write Supadrug - seems to be more appropriate) and did what you should never do. Bought the blasted bleedin' thing again.

Well, it certainly hasn't changed for the better. Hence the liberal application of Barry M. I think they are discontinuing this so I may be too late to save you from wasting your money as GOSH already have it in hand.

I actually like the look (except for the mess on the middle finger) but it's not what I was aiming for. I can slap Barry M on any day of the week after all!

Medical miracle that is my mother now can walk a bit with a frame, sit up in the chair and put her teeth in, open the plastic wrappings and help herself to grapes, read the paper and talk very well. Certainly enough to tell me when she is tired and I can go. Hates to be helped so fell out of the chair yesterday whilst trying to fend for herself! And daughter no. 1 is helping out with the visiting. Cool.

  • Will get back to reading all my fave blogs very soon and leaving my usual comments
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  • Officially thank everyone who reads this blog


  1. How dare you! :P I love this polish and use it all the time.....for sponging! Okay I admit its not the best to wear alone and chips like a bitch! :P

    Glad there is more good news about your mum


  2. It has been discontinued...and I know that Landa of the Bright Lights, Big Color blog is desperately hunting for a bottle, so maybe you and she should have a little chat :)

    Glad to hear your mum is on the mend.


  3. Half price you say?! Time for a backup! I didn't find it tooo bad, for me the key was no base coat and work fast! Glad to hear your Mum is up and about.

  4. Thanks, everyone! Does Landa know what she is getting into???
    And Cali is right about base coat. But I HAVE to wear base coat!

  5. Tempted to buy a bottle just to flog it on eBay, if they're half price :P It's like universally condemned for it's impossible application. Not that I've tried it.

  6. How weird, I absolutely love this polish! It goes on really nicely for me, and doesn't chip at all! It's one of my very favourite polishes!
    So glad to hear about your Mum, that's so great! :)

  7. This is the one polish I'm desperately in love with. It and all its twin sisters. I haven't gotten Gosh in my hands yet, but I love how holo it is

  8. I'm really glad about your mum and it's wonderful you've got help with the visiting, I know how stressful it can be.
    I haven't used my Barry M yet, love it with the silver.
    Thanks for the parcel of goodies, Jenni. I love them. xxx

  9. I like the holographic colour, but the polish hates me! If I wear it it needs reapplying everyday, but at least it dries fast :) I really like it with Barry M on top!
    Such good news that your mum is on the mend :D

  10. Do you still have this bottle of Gosh Holographic in your possession? I'd love to buy it from you! Name your price! please email me either way, (I couldn't find your email on the blog) prttyshnysprkly at gmail dot com. Thank you!