Sunday, 20 February 2011

Topshop Silver Bullet + general Topshop observations + many thanks for your tape-method assistance

A straightupanddown silver chrome.
Excellent quality. One coat would do (I did two though) and it went on very easily.
I didn't know it was a chrome as I bought it in a set for the sake of Gypsy Night. I tend not to go for chromes as they look a bit manky on ridged nails but this is a peach.

I have a few Topshop polishes and they are excellent quality and they do well-funky colours.

1. Why is it one word and not two? Just marginally irritating.
2.  They are doing free P&P until Tuesday.
3.  I ordered this from the new collection. Plus 2 other things. Including one item for the next giveaway. Not telling btw.
4. This is the set I bought which includes Bullet and Gypsy. In general their photos are informative but this little set not so much. Luckily Gypsy Night is stonkingly fabulous, Bullet is really good and so is the third! But nul points for the picture which I magnified HUGELY.

5. I do Topshop buying online. I'm not sure if they existed when I was a teenager. Probably not as it was in the days of Methuselah. Naturally I wouldn't set foot in the actual shop for fear of frightening the youthful clientele. Just wanted to reassure you that although I have a mutton dressed as lamb natty way with my appearance I won't be lowering the tone in Topshop.

Are there any shops you avoid? Because you think they are too young or too OLD for you? Too exclusive/expensive or too down-market?



  1. I hate this too. Top. Shop. Not so hard now, was it?

    Nice polish. Lol no one's stopping you from going into Topshop, I was in Jane Norman yesterday and there was a very well dressed 70 something? woman browsing. Lovely lipstick. She looked so stylish I thought she was French or something.

    I personally don't like Monsoon that much, probably because my Mum likes buying clothes from

  2. Silver bullet looks lovely, I don't think I own a chrome polish...
    I have Gypsy Night and love it, it's so unusual and pretty.
    I always feel a bit fat for Topshop :P

  3. Lovely polish, looks great.
    TopShop's been going since the mid-70's. I think it was upstairs at Burton originally hence the name "Top Shop". It was two words but morphed into one about ten years ago.
    New look's the worst of the worst, I get all itchy just walking past the place. xxx

  4. Aha! Thanks, Vix. Real social history.

    Gypsy is great, Lillian. Agreed.

    Monsoon has a sort of mainstream old-fashioned image for me. I may have ONCE been in there...

  5. Hi,
    no problem, I tend to be nosy too! Lovely colour, I ordered a silver from Zoya, I hope it looks as lovely as this one.
    If you wish we can share a bit more about each other by mail. if you feel like it and you have time you can write to me
    or I can write to you, as you prefer. I'd love to get to know you better since we seem to have polish AND tights in common :)xoxo Nicki

  6. i love this nail polish! very furturistic and glamorous!

  7. Pretty chrome! I like Topshop polishes, the ones I have are all really good quality, I must get Gypsy Night! :)
    I never go in Topshop, I always feel a bit too scruffy to go in! My local one isn't very good anyway, but the big one in London was massive. It was nice to just wander round. I tend to avoid New Look just because it's so white and bright in there! Whenever I go in I always end up booking a hairdressers appoitnment due to getting a shock at how awful my roots are in the bright light! :P

  8. You made me laugh, Gemx! Roots. Bright light. Tee hee.
    Hi, HAP. I love your blog.

  9. I go in them all, age, style & size be damned because you never know when you'll find a gem, although some I walk out of again very quickly (Bay Trading springs to mind)