Wednesday, 16 February 2011

OCC Lip Tar Anime - £8 WELL spent - + a bloomin' good website

This is a Lip Tar tutorial - if I may be so bold. These are SO worth buying but they do need careful handling. These are from Love MakeUp and currently at £8. Put it like this - if you like lipstick with more than 2 atoms of your being you need these.

This is almost colour-accurate. It's probably a tad brighter IRL.

Now this is how it begins.


See the little blob? That's too much. That was there when I removed the cap. Do not squeeze the tube. REPEAT. Do NOT! Don't just casually handle these. Take care.


They sent me a free mixing palette! Cool. That's still too much product. I intended to mix the Anime with another Lip Tar but the blob was too big a blob so I felt I had to try to use it and it gives a 'pure' swatch anyway...Combining will come later.


Apply from the centre. If you start with the outer line it will feather. Put the bulk of the product at the centre to prevent this.


That's what is LEFT! Pity my brush is too big for the allocated area..So I will leave that on the assumption that it will remain tacky and workable and use it will another shade next time!

I have 5 others and I can't see me stopping there. I believe professionals use these and may invest in the full library. Worth every penny of the 800 pennies I paid.

Lip Tars?
  • Don't float my boat not no how not no way
  • I'll think about it maybe
  • Yeah, but too expensive
  • Definitely on my list
  • You only have 6?! I have 16!!! Call yourself a fan?!


  1. I LOVE these. I have about 10 of them and they're so so amazing! I haven't actually done any mixing yet, I nbeed to get on that! Anime is such an amazing bright colour! :D

  2. I am in love! That colour is insanely fabulous. Sod the price I'm off to order one. xxx

  3. Vix: Yay. More converts to Lip Tars. They are amazing!

    Lillian: You will mix some special shades, I'm sure.

  4. Absolutely amazing colour! So pretty!
    I really want to try lip tars, they looks great and have so many colours. I need to wear more bright colours :)

  5. I don't think we even have these here. Though if we did I might not notice since I often forget to put on lip color entirely.

  6. Karen, it's totally NEW YORK! Not British.

    Gem, this goes beyond bright. I warn you.

  7. Woot! You did the post!

    I want these so badly. Pity they are NOT school safe, which means with my current lack of funds (which results in a lack of a social life, hence nowhere to wear these to) yeah.

    I basically completed my sentence in the brackets. Fail.

  8. New York? That's miles away! :) Quite possibly I have walked right by these in stores to get to the nail polish displays...