Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Nubar Chocolate Coffee Bean

I got Raspberry Truffle but it didn't turn out as spectacular on me as it did on every other blog so I ebayed it.

Took a chance on this one and this is (for me) a better polish.

Application these days is not at all good. Sorry. Can't properly see what I'm doing as darkness falls. I do have electricity btw! Just in case you thought I'd been cut off or something. 3 coats. Tried 2 but just wasn't enough.

I'm no chocoholic but it is an appealing idea/theme for cosmetics. I'm a big Nubar fan. Or even just plain BIG. Too many chips, I fear!

  • Not bothered. More of a savoury soul.
  • I would kill anyone who got in my way.
  • Kinda hormonal about it. Appetite for it comes and goes.
  • Other
And WHAT brands or flavours?



  1. Who'd have thought brown nail varnisch could look so good?
    Chocolate? Can't say I'm that mad on it. One of my male friends brought me a selcetion packs of Green and Blacks at Xmas and I haven't opened it yet. Chilli cashews. Bombay mix and salt and vinegar crisps on the other hand..yum yum. xxx

  2. Belgian all day every day. Or German. Or Swiss. Basically, not British. Too sweet and icky. Most mainstream American chocolate is kinda foul as well.

    I try to buy the Ritter ones in my newsagents. I used to enjoy Crunchies but that era is over with the advent of le braces. I also like Milka and those posh belgian ones with the unpronouncable names :P

  3. Nubar isn't really on my radar for some reason; this one is very pretty, especially since it comes with the sparkles built in.

    I could give up chocolate but will fight anyone who tries to take my cheese (and "cheez") away.

  4. Bombay mix. How do you stay so slim???

    British chocolate is poor quality. I agree.

    Cheez??????? Karen, get Nubar asap.

  5. That polish is very pretty, I love the pink sparkles but I don't really wear any brown.
    I looove chocolate, though I just have a massive sweet tooth and basically crave any sweets and puddings. I love cadburys dairy milk but other than that much prefer white and dark chocolate. I love Lindor and homemade truffles and suchlike :P

  6. I don't have any brown polishes, this is really pretty! :)
    I love chocolate, but I can't eat much of it due to milk allergy. All the tastiest foods make me feel ill. I did have bread and butter pudding today though, it was totally worth it! :P