Thursday, 17 February 2011

Emilio Cavallini giraffe tights

The legs aren't worthy of a giraffe. I'd be more of a hippo if my soul were to be transmigrated into an appropriate African animal receptacle.

At least the shoes aren't muddy this time. Oh, and I bet hippos have loads more fun than giraffes.

On the subject of tights look at this UK designer. Tiffany Quinn. Just look at the image. The model does not have improbably long legs. She looks like she might be almost human. Almost.

Check out her stuff on uk tights. And they are made in the UK!! I am just waiting for the end of the month and I am going to get some. Reptile, Argyle, Pearl Spiral, Blue Hollywood. And then some...

If you DO go on uk tights PLEASE tell me if you like any of her designs. I'd hazard a guess that they may not be for absolutely everyone so let me know about that too, if you would be so kind.



  1. ... Oh boy. Now I'm going to have to spend all my money on tights. Thanks a lot. :P
    Ok seriously I love your giraffe tights, they're so cute! And I love all the Tiffany Quinn ones you posted, also her white and pink leopard print ones and the galaxy ones, also all the argyle and tartan ones and lots more. AND I haven't even looked at the rest of the site D:

    Also I agree that it's refreshing to see some normalish (though still really nice) looking legs!

  2. I'm going to have to stop visiting you, Jenni, I keep wanting to spend money. Your tights are fabulous, I really, really love them. The model has proper lovely legs, about time we saw some of these in advertising instead of those stick thin limbs that appeal to nobody. xxx

  3. Hey!
    Just had a peek at the site. OMG!!! I have loved weird tights for ages. This dite is pure heaven to me! I will have to spare on polish to buy tights or...spare on tights to buy polish? That is the question ^-^
    I fell for the green tartan...what do you think of those?? like?
    Thanks for posting about...heaven!

  4. Green tights. Yes. I want the galaxy ones too.

    Don't you think there aren't enough hosiery blogs about? Are there even ANY? I sense a gap in the market.

  5. And hi to Nicoletta. Thanks for visiting but I see you keep your profile a closed book! ;o)

  6. ... Ok Now I am TOTALLY makeing a hosiery blog! :P

  7. Wow, they are fab! I just spent a good 30 mins staring at tights on that website! I love the galaxy ones and the pearl spiral ones and ok...I love this website!

  8. ....... Wow... They look awesome! I wish Singapore was cold enough to warrent tights. And some of those models, their legs seem to sprout from their armpits. Unfairness :)