Thursday, 10 February 2011

Jamie K - I Psychologise YOU! Featured blogger...GUEST blogger

Jamie K was the first to comment in my giveaway Silly Survey. I don't threaten promise to do this to everyone who commented but I thought I'd make use of the data because I'm nosy really interested.
So Jamie is my Guest blogger - even though she doesn't know it! Jamie's blog! Loving the banner. You can tell this young lady has great taste.
Jamie K. said...
THE GREAT SILLY SURVEY What did you do last night? Worried about my boy;s health and my project! So Jamie has at least one child and studies full or part time. I just cheated and looked at her profile and I'm not sure if her boy might be a rabbit!!! Oops. What did you last download? How I Met Your Mother!! I have no idea what this is. When did you last swim in a pool? last December? She is probably fairly fit. What are you wearing this minute? tshirt and shorts lol Is she embarrassed about her attire? What's with the 'lol'? Shorts are fabulous! How many cars have you owned? none! Maybe she lives in a city and doesn't need one. What music do you most dislike? Bieber A woman of good taste - even though I would not know Justin Bieber if he came to fix my washing machine. Not that he would... Did you vote in the last election? nope, it was a walkover >.< Oh, Jamie is either extremely happy with her government and feels they did not need her support or she knows she could do nothing to oppose them. Do you have cable or satellite? eh none! Have you ever made a prank 'phone call? nope! Me neither. Would you do bungee jumping or sky-diving? NOPE! pee my pants! That's very definite. No extreme sports for Jamie. Where's the furthest you've ever been? Beijing, China? That may be a long way away. I need to look it up on a map.
You may know exactly where Singapore is but this map helps me!
Do you know all the words to your national anthem? Yes, i do, even though it's in the Malay language :D So Jamie doesn't have Malay as a first language? Do you prefer to shower or bathe morning or evening? both times, before i get out of the house and before i sleep:D Jamie is very particular and very clean. Best recent film? INCEPTION! I should see this but haven't yet. Good choice. Have you ever been sick in public? Yes, i fainted but no one helped dragged me out of the subway. My dad had to do it. Sigh. That is just awful that nobody helped. Shocking. Big city life? Crisps or popcorn? both :P Oh, well. We can't all be perfect. Fave pizza topping? cheese :P Classic choice. Safe choice. Jamie is a careful woman. Controlled. Orange juice or apple juice? ornage juice! i love the colour! That is an odd reason for choosing a juice, I think. Red or white wine? neither :/ Jamie may have religious or health reasons for this or maybe just doesn't enjoy it. How long have you had your oldest friend? since I was in kindergarten! but we rarely talk much, we have each other on Facebook though! My next question would be: How much do you converse on facebook? Have you ever grown tomatoes? nope! Is the tomato a staple of Malay cuisine? I have no idea and am ashamed of myself. Have you ever bought something from a TV shopping channel? nope! Me neither. Have you ever worn uniform? When and how did you feel about it? i did! i like it, so that I dont have to spend time choosing clothes each day So Jamie has lots of clothes and finds it hard to choose! Have you ever stripped off in public? nope OK.    Do you believe in love at first sight? not really. Cautious answer. Jamie IS careful. We can surmise that Jamie hasn't been struck by Cupid's arrow in a big way just yet. What's the longest you've ever had your hair? Is it long now? now is the longest, slightly past my shoulders. Probably very lovely. What message is on your voicemail? no voicemail! Doesn't want some wacky message on her 'phone. What bag are you using today? eyebags :( Joker! That's all the worrying that gives you eyebags. Unless it's partying. Hm. Dogs or cats? CATS! meow~Very clear about her answer.       Conclusions Jamie is something of a worrier. She is thoughtful and caring but can be shy. She likes clothes and make-up (well, duh!) and is very particular about her appearance. She has high standards generally and is probably ambitious. She will work very hard to achieve her aims. Jamie rarely acts impulsively. People think her very smart. She is ordered and has a life-plan. Her home is impeccably tidy. She is close to her father. She is very likely to be successful in her chosen field and is highly organised.   I am probably barking up the completely wrong tree here but this is my analysis!     I love the way blogs give you insights into other worlds. Different ages, locations, interests etc... Jenni PS If you entered my giveaway and strongly DO or DON'T want me to ruin enhance your image in this way then do tell. I had lots of great responses so I wouldn't 'do' everyone but I thought a representative sample might be nice to show diversity of age and location. Or indeed diversity AND similarity! Jamie was the first to comment and lives in Singapore so I thought it appropriate to begin with her! Best wishes to Jamie  


  1. OMG!!! shock of my life! HAHA :D
    u almost got it right ;) but im really messy (my room that is) and the boy refers to my boyfriend, hehe :P
    oh and I check out her facebook now and then, but converse? nope, not really. :/

    Thanks so much for this entry! I enjoyed reading your responses too! <3

  2. Thanks, Jamie! You took it in good spirit. Thank you.

    Hey, Lena. ;o)

  3. Jen, you're a loon - but very funny!! And well done Jamie for being a good sport!

  4. She is a good sport. But I promise to emphasise the good points. But all my readers are fabulous so that's easy.

  5. This was a fun read! Yup Singapore is a city. Like, the entire thing. And majority of people are Chinese, but the national anthem is in Malay. So most Chinese speak English and Mandarin.

  6. Fun! Now I am trying to remember what my answers were and what sort of mood I was in when I typed them out and what picture I painted. :)

  7. Ha, Karen! Well, maybe that puts you next in the spotlight?? We shall see.

    Cheryl. Thank you. I like to learn about other places. I didn't know about Mandarin. I thought it was mainly in Taiwan.

  8. Ha, this is very interesting how you analyzed Jamie. Great idea actually ;)