Monday, 7 February 2011

Star Gazer 131

Sorry for the poor quality of the application. It was quite thick and gloopy and I wasn't paying much attention. Not too gloopy and, if it were, a drop or two of Seche Restore could easily make it more malleable. 2 coats.

Crikey, those rhinestones are teeny. But this combo has a nice flash to it and works really well when you gesture extravagantly. A colleague admired them and that rarely happens.

My daughter (numero 2) uses Star Gazer quite a bit and bought me some. Pleasantly surprised.

I've decided I'm going to analyse (psycho-analyse?) the data from the silly survey and see if I can make any generalisations about blog-readers/bloggers or just make random penetrating insights into your various quirks and fascinating personalities. Stand by your beds!



  1. Name of the seller pleaseeeeee. Come on jaljen. Let me purchase the same cute rhinestones as you :P

  2. Lol, just checked my own comments. Thanks for the link! The seller is currently away though, no idea when he/she is returning :(

  3. That is gorgeous, what a divine colour.
    Can't wait to hear your analysis! xxx

  4. Gorgeous colour, I really love it :)

  5. Nice combination! The rhinestones are very glowy against this deep background.