Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Urban Decay Vinyl + Leichner Camera Clear Porcelain

First the "after" - believe me, I DO know what I'm doing!

I've never used Leichner before despite it having been around for longer than the brontosaurus! It's really good. Cheap, fragrant, lots of coverage. My other fave is Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. It was once L'Oreal Cashmere Perfect but I am now looking for maximum concealment with extra cloaking properties.

The lippie is UD. Sort of liquorice smell which I like despite detesting liquorice as a sweet. Hey ho. TJ Hughes £2.40 as it was a 20% off day. Get IN. UD can do no wrong in my book. I got an amazing eyeliner the selfsame day.

Great packaging, UD. Respect.

Now for the before photo. This is meant to show my acne rosacea but it's not as bad as it was and I was going to do a whole spiel about acne rosacea but maybe I shan't. What the picture does show, I think, is that it never hurts to smile rather than stare superciliously into the camera like a latter-day Myra Hindley.

This photography thing is tough as you knock on a bit. I'm 17 inside. Honestly, if you met me I swear you'd never recognise me....*ahem*



  1. ...I'd never heard of Liechner before. They look good, though.

    Your hair is amazing.

    I <3 TJ Hughes. Incidentally my Mum buys nearly all of her Urban Decay lipsticks from there as well.

  2. Great theatrical make-up huge in the 70's adn 80's. Your skin is fantastic. I've never worn foundation. xxx

  3. this lipstick is a steal: what a bargain!!! damn it, was a tj hughes last week end and didnt see it :/

  4. I've not heard of the foundation before, but your skin looks amazing!
    Your lipstick was a great find, such a pretty colour :)

  5. Leichner do theatrical makeup. It's easy to find online.

  6. Leichner is traditional theatrical range of make up, The foundation comes in only 12 shades but gives great coverage.