Tuesday, 22 February 2011

OCC Lip Tar Uber + how taupe is not just for nails

There's a little pink in there but that's because I don't clean my lipbrush after every application. Oh, and I can see my lips need exfoliation (for which read my olive oil/sugar mixture). Other than that and the smudgy foundation - perfetto! And the weird lip line isn't the best. But everything is done in such a hurry these days.

I'll just reiterate how much I love Lip Tars. Although the reaction of She Who Knows was "cyanotic" and, "You look like a dead person." Heck, I still like it.

I only work 3 days a week at the best of times with 13 weeks of holiday and I'm on half-term now but I still don't know which way is up. Mum is now in a hospital in the small town where she lives so that's good for her numerous neighbours and frequent visitors but even further away from me. Extra driving. But hey. She seems happy enough. She's talking fluently but it's like jamming the wrong pieces of a jigsaw together and doesn't make much sense overall even though it sounds pretty much like the old Mum superficially. Day at a time and all that jazz. As I say, she's merry enough so that's fine!


Taupe/mauve/beige for lips? Or not?


  1. Good to hear how your mum is.
    The colour looks lovely but it's not for me, too pale. If I'm going to wear lipstick I want to be able to see it. xxx

  2. Good to hear about your mum :)

    Do want. Looks good on you.

  3. Hey, I feel a challenge. Next Lip Tar will not be bashful.

    Lena, these are worth getting. Even at £8. I reckon they would last forever and they are for all skin tones obviously. Pure pigment.

  4. I usually hate beige lips, i think I just look weird without a bright colour on them but this one's interest because it's dark. It looks great on you!
    So glad about your Mum. Hope she keeps getting better and better :)

  5. I like the colour, very unusual, but nice! I think it looks against your skin tone and suits you.
    Glad to hear your mum is feeling a lot better, I hope she carries on improving :)