Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cutex Sweet Pea + rhinestones

This is one of a range of 6 autumnal colours. No idea when Cutex produced these. Still available on ebay and I rather like them.

I love sludgy, murky, muddy, dirty greens. This is no exception. 2 coats of creme formula goodness. Simple. Unspectacular. Reliable. Cheap.

Pity it doesn't have a sweet pea fragrance as I adore sweet peas. But there's Acqua di Gio for that. Although I have sadly run out.

Maybe I should grow sweet peas this year. 2 snags.

A I have brown fingers and kill plant-life just by looking at it

B Our soil is thick clay

Other than that it should all go swimmingly. I would love a beautiful garden. I did once have one when I had a dutiful husband to carry out my instructions (ie do the donkey-work).
You good with plants?



  1. I LOVE that pea green! I used to have a fine houseplant collection the one and only time I lived in a modern house. Huge windows and massive draughts seem to kill off all but the hardiest of cacti. xxx

  2. I am indeed good with plants. But there is no single thing that smells like a sweet pea, except for a sweet pea. The scent has never artificially been created. Of course, they are my favourite flowers.

  3. Lovely pea green! I like the rhinestones, the colours look great together :)
    I have 1 houseplant I've had for years, it's a yucca plant and I only have to water it about twice a year. It's ideal for me with my plant killing skills :)

  4. Pots! For your sweet peas that is. I've done mine in big pots with regular compost and a wigwam of canes to support them. Works great, they are my favourite flowers too.