Friday, 11 February 2011

YSL Rouge Volupte Brun Vibrant lipstick

If it's Rouge then how can it be Brun? Just idly asking...

Looks glossier than I was expecting. Doesn't feel glossy/messy though which is something I welcome. It's not that I have long hair to get caught in lipstick but I still feel mildly queasy thinking about that scenario.

Was an absolute bargain. A fiver? Cheap Smells. Think I must have secured the last one. Just love the packaging. I'm really not supposed to be getting into lipstick as well as nail polish but .....too late. Just ordered 3 OCC Lip Tars and got an Illamasqua from asos at a bargain price.

Just to say - I hate the abbreviation 'lippie'. It's very useful and labour-saving and so forth but I just hate that word. Any words or phrases you particularly dislike?



  1. That is such a lovely colour on you and it does look expensive, too. Great bargain and fabulous packaging. It would make a great statement to apply in public.
    Liplash - that's the term for your hair sticking to your lips. xxx

  2. Looks lovely on you! I quite like 'lippie' :P
    A phrase I LOATHE is '24/7' I also hate people misusing 'random'. And there are a lot of other words and phrases, I am just grumpy about that sort of thing :P

  3. Do a post on the lip tars when they arrive, please! They look interesting.

    Er, words I don't like?

  4. Oh that's a gorgeous colour! And CheapSmells has some fab bargains, doesn't it!

    I hate the word "sexy" and the buzzword of the moment, "nom." Both actually make me slightly nauseous. There are plenty more but I don't want to make myself ill!

  5. Nom???
    I hate sexy also.
    Munter is horrid. As is 24/7. Such agreement!

  6. Gorgeous lipstick and so expertly applied!
    I like 'nom', it makes me think of kitties! :)