Saturday, 19 February 2011

Using sticky tape - got it taped?!

Well, I tried the tape method (again) and the results weren't great.
This is my 2 hands together. I never have them the same.

The blue is Nails Inc Duke St with Barielle Falling Star. But the Barielle is too thick and I didn't work AWAY from the tape so the line ended up not being crisp.

The other hand is Rimmel Scene Stealer with The Edge Egyptian Gold. The contrast isn't strong enough but I'm happy enough with the neatness of application.

The Barry M Nail Effects covers the mess.

  • Colour choices - 2 blues/poor - 2 golds/OK
  • Formula choices - Falling Star too thick
  • Working method - should have worked away from the tape rather than towards it as this leads to a build-up of polish against the tape which is unsightly
  • Spacing - should have had larger areas on the blue but was rushing and already had strips of tape adhering to the other fingers so slightly hampered in my task
Are you a straight 'paint the nail' kind of woman? Or like to experiment with decals and stones and stamping and all that razzmatazz?



  1. I absolutely am a nail art kinda gal. These days I mostly do freehand stuff, but I do love a bit of stamping, stencilling and taping.
    What kind of tape did you use? I prefer masking tape, as there's less chance of it taking off the base colour, it's more flexible and thus less prone to wrinkling and easier to reposition than sellotape. Also, I tend to move the brush along the edge of the tape. I find that less polish on the tape makes for a neater edge.

  2. They look great, I'm not really into nail art but can admire the art in yours. xxx

  3. Hi, me again.
    I was willing ot try this method but didn't dare yet. I'm a wee bit clumsy :)
    my profile isn't showing because I don't know what to do for it to show :(
    Beside being clumsy I seem to be a bit of a newbie for what concerns blogs haha!
    Can you help??

  4. I'm a straight up nails kinda gal - the most I do is layering or accent nails

  5. They look really good! I like the colours you've chosen. I think if you paint away from the tape with a thin coat of a quite opaque polish it makes it a bit easier to get a neat line.
    I like to play around with nail art things, like stickers and tape if I have time, but normally I'm lazy and stick to plain nails. :)

  6. I meant to buy Scotch tape but 'compromised'. Bad idea. I have no idea what tape it was. I just grabbed it out of the drawer.

    Thin not thick polish. Yep. Makes mucho sense. Less polish likewise.

    And to Nicoletta - if I see a new name in my comments I always look it up. In case you have a blog or just to get a 'feeling' for you...You don't have to put anything down if you don't want to. I'm just nosy.

  7. Great idea to layer crackle over experiments; I should have thought of that when some stamping I did went wrong the other day.

    I like to play with nail art stuff, just wish I could make more time for it.

  8. I love that you never have both hands the same! I need to try that more often...