Monday, 14 February 2011

Aristoc tights

A friend, knowing that I am fond of them, always gives me tights. Marvellous. I believe she gets them from TK Maxx. Again - excellent. I don't need them to be full price. I just need them to be patterned or highly coloured.

(Oh, no! I just grabbed these shoes out of the cupboard and realised they are muddy. I was wearing flats today for work.)

My legs look a bit odd as a result of the camera angle. I normally do shots like this in one of the only 2 mirrors we have in the house. But I asked the wife to take the pic this afternoon (much to her bewilderment) and didn't like to keep badgering until I got a shot I could really live with so this will have to do. I really like these tights. Well done, Pamela (friend)!

The reason I have so many tights is that I always wear shorts. Trousers are too long and flappy and get mud-spattered. Skirts? Well, I tend to favour indecently short ones that aren't appropriate for a chalk-pusher. So shorts are the answer.

These are the ones I really want but the wife says they are too snakeskin and she has a complete screaming heebie-jeebie phobia of snakes so that's a no-go. They are Emilio Cavallini which is a brand John Lewis stocks. These are on ebay though......Maybe I should get them to wear when she's working away?

Phobias? Dare you share?



  1. Muddy or not, the shoes are covetable.

    Maybe the snakey tights won't look so snakey in person?

  2. My mum /hates/ snakes. In Nigeria, nobody keeps them as pets! Those beasts are DANGEROUS, let me tell you.

    I don't mind them, but I see your wife's point of view...sensible woman :P I like your tight posts!

  3. Your tights are blinking fabulous! I love the snake ones, I say get them and wear them when wifey's out. You know you'll regret it if you don't snap 'em up. Apparently snake prints the "in-thing" for the summer so grab them before those fashionistas get there first. xxx

  4. So that's a YES-vote on the snakes then. OK. I'm on it.

    Polish, lipstick and now tights. Where will it end?

  5. Fantastic tights! Cute shoes. And love the snakeskin ones too! I have probably over 150 pairs of tights :P I never wear trousers, generally skirts or dresses but sometimes shorts too, so that's my justification :P
    I have TONNES of phobias :/ Mainly I have Social Phobia, which basically screws up my life :P I also am afraid of needles, maggots, mould and, most bizarrely, I have a weird fear/squeam thing of rubbing flour and butter together (like you do to make pastry) just thinking about it creeps me out!

  6. I love those tights, tights are great! I think the snake ones are awesome!
    I was about to say I don't really have any phobias except the usual bugs and spiders, but Lillian's comment about butter/flour reminded me of my irrational fear of wet mashed potatoes. It's weird, but I can't be in the room when someone is washing up the pans and things after making mash!

  7. Food and ingredients phobias! Hm, a specialist area for the psychologist. Or maybe hypnotist?

  8. Love those tights! Dunno about the snake ones tho..