Friday, 18 February 2011

Rimmel Play Fast Scene Stealer

Mashed my middle finger on a kitchen cupboard. I am clumsier than a hippo at a hog-roast.

As part of a recent cheapo purchase (is there any other kind?) I got this and Rimmel Cafe au Lait (part of the French Manicure range).  Really French manicures and I don't inhabit the same space-time continuum - or even ones that are a few shifts to the left - but I bought it for what seemed like a good reason at the time.

The Cafe au Lait was the base with SS on top. I love the SS. It's the first Play Fast polish I have and I am looking for best-price on the funky blue and purple and orange ones now. Ebay seems the best bet.

Lots of coats except on the mashed-up middle finger. Look at the pureeeetty bottle. This is way better IRL than it looks here.

I always used to despise Rimmel but I can't remember why. Their polishes are great and they make Diva Red which is one of the best red lipsticks you can get. Sorry, Rimmel.

Is there a brand for which you have an unreasoning dislike?



  1. Love the shimmer, great color!

  2. Such a great polish! I love the Play Fast line; unfortunately I didn't discover this until the last few colors were on clearance at my local store. Thanks to swapping, though, I've gotten most of the ones I want.

  3. pretty colour :)


  4. Very pretty shimmer to this polish :)
    There's no brand I dislike, but I tend to avoid the miss sporty section in Boots. I think it reminds me of bad teenage make up! :P

  5. I'm with you on Miss Sporty.

    This and Revlon Streetwear are discontinueds that I badly want.