Thursday, 10 February 2011

BB Couture Tuxedo Night

Vampy. Seem to be very vampy-prone at the mo.

Reminds me of fruits and seeds. Not raspberry exactly because raspberry juice would be paler but...well, raspberry-esque.

This is actually 2 coats of the BB over 2 coats of a Zoya which I shan't even bother to name (Divincia or some such) because it is pathetic. The BB however is a BB and is a class act (despite my ham-fistedness).

One of the BB Couture men's range. Do you know any men who wear nail polish? I think I do but I'm not saying any more because even he (though he's quite 'out there' in many ways) just kinda plays with it and then removes it. Is it just rockers? I'm sure many men have very nice nails and hands and would look good in polish. Would you freak if a fella close to you wore polish?



  1. Very vampy and rather tasty!
    A lot of my friend's men have their toe nails painted but Jon won't allow it said he did it all in his punk days..spoilsport. xxx

  2. This polish makes me want a jam sandwich! I love the colour, very vampy and jammy! :)
    All the guys I know that wear polish wear only black and are quite gothy. I think it would be cool if more guys wore it though, but it would have to suit them. x